A Little Bit About Me
As a child I had some unusual interests. Instead of sports, I collected rocks and hunted for arrowheads, and made cyanotype prints with leaves. My interest in random topics has enabled me to freely associate between diverse topics, which I believe helps me in my creativity. I enjoy design, especially logos because of the complex challenges that are involved. I also really enjoy hand lettering and typography, paper crafts, and I have an absolute fascination with patterns. I also love international travel, cooking, brewing beer, and growing my own hops. Running helps keeps me centered and energized. I can often be spotted in Lakewood, running and sketching. I spend most of my time working for my studio Fizz Creative with my wife Katie Melnick, but I also find time for personal projects. 
Awards & Recognition
2015 AIGA Cleveland Design 730 Competition | Identity, 2D Design, & 3D Design awards
2013 AIGA Cleveland Design 730 Competition | 3D Design Award
2013 Published in Design Currency by Jenn & Ken Visocky O’Grady
2012 HOW + Print | Color in Design Award
2012 PaperSpecs | TAKE NOTE Award
2011 AIGA Cleveland Design Competition | 2D Design Award
2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards | Animation Semifinalist 
Exhibitions & Workshops
2016 School of Visual Arts Masters in Typography | Rome, Italy
2015 HOW Design Live | Chicago, Illinois
2014 DeProgram study abroad intensive workshop | The Hague, The Netherlands
2012 Weapons of Mass Creation Fest | Exhibition of work
2011 AIGA Cleveland Design Competition | Exhibition of work
2010 Cranky Camp Workshop by AIGA and Cranky Pressman | Letterpress workshop
2008 Ken Barber | Hand lettering workshop
2008 Marius Watz | Computer Processing workshop